Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Champagne of Life

So obviously I've been in blogging hibernation. Nothing like seeking full-time employment, which I prefer to unemployed, to provide you with some extra motivation to brave blogging vulnerability.

My fiance Ed and I like to joke that we’re trying to cram as many life changing moments as we possibly can into 2013. A former coworker said the only two we’re missing are a baby and a divorce…we’re trying to avoid both. A year ago from today, I was embarking upon my fifth year with my previous employer, allowing myself to fall in love, attempting to cook for one in a 760 sq ft apartment (thank goodness I enjoyed leftovers), paying off credit card bills full of bridesmaid and auntie expenses, and, less notably, eking through awkward moments with friends. 

I should make it known that I was very much enjoying myself every step of the way because to obtain life’s ultimate blessings you usually have to endure some type of awkwardness or discomfort or at least that’s my take.

Fast forward to now and my typical day is characterized by the lack of having typical daily activities. Sure there are common themes such as the job search, wedding planning, real estate, etc. but no daily routine. Weird? Yes. Humbling? Yes. Thought provocative? Yes. Scary? Not so much. Why? Because I'm about to marry my best friend and start a new life in Greenville, SC...a life that is ours. 

Sure I've had my issues of surrendering my independence and cutting the cord with my Raleigh life but change can be exciting, especially, when you have a cohort to experience all of the changes with. No doubt there are growing pains such as selecting Miller High Life Light as opposed to a craft brew at the mini-mart down the street (no alcohol is not an option), meeting new friends that aren't accustomed to your inappropriate remarks (not that all of my Raleigh friends ever fell into this one category), relearning the art of crafting a unique cover letter (no smart ass remark here, don’t want to hurt my chances of becoming employed), thinking for two instead of one (this is a good thing, just challenging for my stubborn ass), and many others too boring to mention.

But within those growing pains there are apparent signs of maturity. Where you might ask? Well for one, selecting Miller High Life Light instead of the real deal after learning my lesson freshman year in college. And I wondered why I was just being asked to fraternity formals by guys with “Fat” as their name prefix. Secondly, recognizing that compromise is a sure sign of a healthy relationship instead of always getting your way (although I’m sure someone in particular is going to disagree with this statement). And with maturity comes the willingness to pursue opportunities that will ultimately make you happy. 

To me, there are no setbacks in life (speaking in employment terms) as long as you view each step/growing pain as a learning opportunity. I mean some are going to suck…by no means is Miller High Life “The Champagne of Beer”. Well…depending upon your point of comparison it may be, but regardless of your alcohol palate, there’s no generally accepted step-by-step protocol to life. However, there is a generally accepted ultimate goal to life and that’s HAPPINESS “The Champagne of Life”!

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